We create stunning wordpress websites, take a look at the clients page, there are only a few examples at the bottom.

Graphic Design

This is our forte, our team have worked in this industry for many years with experience in many different programs such as, Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator, Quark & more. Be sure that when you are working with us you are in safe hands.


We believe that branding is a gift. Only a select few companies can do it well. Our branding packages are just perfect for start-up businesses or business that need a re-vamp! Check out our prices to see if we can help you!

Social Media

In todays society social media is becoming more and more demanding, everyone has it, what we do is help you stand out from the crowd, attract customers that you didn’t know even existed

Re-Branding; Our simple 3-step-formula

We have a very unique way of producing, we use our simple formulas. Within our team we have refined and refined many different steps to make sure that we optimise the time spend on your projects, maximise the creativity and reduce the ammount of stress!

Step 1 – Diagnose

The thinking part of the job, for us, is just as important as the delivery. Getting the initial ideas on a page, brainstorming and documenting is very important. At Auspicious we believe that if you nail this first step the 2nd and 3rd step become a lot easier and a lot cleaer. »

Step 2 – Ideas

Once we have identified the issues we then create concepts of ways to help. Once we have the concepts we figure out where you want to take the business and which logo/branding style best suits your needs at present (and of course for the future). Refining your concepts is extremely important and here at Auspicious is easy, you simply say yay or nay and that’s that. »

Step 3 – Produce

This is every designers favourite part, however, many of them don’t take time to prepare (like we do in steps 1&2) that’s where we differ! As we have already found out what you like and what you want we produce we make it happen, stunning aesthetics & beautiful design is something we specialise in »

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